1. Practice Drop, Cover, Hold
  2. Create or review emergency plans
  3. Identify safe places for your common locations
  4. Obtain or review insurance policies
  5. Secure heavy items of furniture to the wall or floor


  1. If you are in a safe location then stay there, otherwise move to the nearest safe location
  2. Drop, Cover, Hold
  3. Be alert for falling debris


  1. Check yourself and others for injuries and get first aid if needed
  2. If you are near the coast then move to higher ground
  3. If you are in a safe location then remain there, otherwise move safely to your nearest safe location
  4. Try to use phone calls only for emergencies, use text messages or social media to check in with family and friends
  5. Get your emergency kit and listen to the local radio stations
  6. If you have animals then control and protect them as best as your can
  7. Assess property damage and take photos